Medium Excavators


$175,000 + GST

GROSS POWER: 163.6HP / 122KW
DIG DEPTH: 6 600mm

Find the power and durability you need in your excavator when you choose SANYs SY215C. Powered by a Mitsubishi Diesel engine, the SY215C features fuel-efficient technology that can save as much as 10% on your fuel costs. With SANYs optimized positive flow hydraulic system that improves operating efficiency by as much as 5%, you can get more work done in less time and for less money in even the toughest conditions 




GROSS POWER: 194.4HP / 145KW
DIG DEPTH: 6 706mm

The SY265C is SANY’s most efficient medium-sized excavator, designed to provide power and performance without high operating costs. This machine offers selectable working modes that match performance output to the job at hand to provide power you need where you need it. Other efficiency features can help save up to 10% on fuel costs, while the high-performance cooling system with electronic control fan clutch ensures clean and quiet operation in any conditions.

  • Powerful, robust and reliable powertrain & hydraulic components for long life in the most demanding applications

  • Optimized positive flow hydraulics improve operating efficiency by up to 5% and fuel efficiency by up to 10%

  • A high-performance cooling system equipped with electronic control fan clutch provides clean, quiet operation

  • Selectable working modes match machine performance to the application, maximizing productivity and minimizing operating costs

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